Documentary film making requires an extra knack of analyzing subjects critically to understand the message it carries and to explore ways of communicating it with efficacy. The Documentary division of MediaKen comprises of a creative team which is sensitive to the idea of social well-being and at the same time holds the technical acumen needed for film-making to bring forth socially relevant subjects. The team is headed by reputed Filmmaker / Journalist Archana Jha who brings in a soul to all the work that MediaKen engages in with her 25 years of reputable experience in dealing with issues related to the last and the least. Employing various styles in documenting a film, Mediaken makes use of original archival footage as well as dramatic reenactments illustrating the events churning out a perfect documentary on the desired subject.


(i) UDAAN – a film on CARE India’s intervention in continuation of education for adolescent girls in a residential school in UP.
(ii) Nav-Vidhan for National Literacy Mission
(iii) Sopaan for National Literacy Mission
(iv) Film for CRY “The Journey Unfinished”
(v) Film for CARE India “Vistas of Hope”
(vi) Film on CARE-FICCI interventions related to Education in post-earthquake Kutch in Gujarat
(vii) Audio / Video clips for a teacher training multi-media package for CARE-India. Based on experiences of CARE in Hardoi, UP

CSR: (Corporate Social Responsibility)

(i) A Corporate Social Responsibility film on Pfizer’s initiative of providing health care facilities and strengthening Arpana (a local NGO) in Karnal district of Haryana.
(ii) A Corporate Social Responsibility film on Continental Carbon India ltd. The film explored the work done by the organization for the people and villages in areas around its manufacturing units to make an impact in their overall day to day lives.
(iii) Film on Delhi Development Authority titled “A Saga of City Making”. The film explored the DDA’s mission of providing affordable housing to an ever expanding city of Delhi.

Environment Issue:

(i) Bishnoi Community in Rajasthan – a film in Hindi of 5 minutes focusing on environment aspects.

Women & Social Issue:

(i) Village without young girls- Tribal girl in Metro cities as domestic worker.
(ii) Non Criminal Lunatics - A story on those mentally ill women inmates who have been asked to be freed by a Supreme Court order but the families refuse to accept them and hence are forced to live in Jail (30 minutes; Hindi; Concept, Scripting and Direction).
(iii) Ranchi Mental Hospital - A story on poor condition of the hospital and indifferent attitude of the families of the inmates (20 minutes; English)

Politics and Society:

(i) Bankrupt Bihar - A story based on financial situation in Bihar (30 minutes; Hindi)
(ii) A Land Tilled with Blood - A film on Maoist Communist Centre, which runs a parallel set up in South & Central Bihar (45 minutes; English)

Other Works:

(i) A/V coverage of three day consultation of CRY Seminar.
(ii) A research project on Evolution of Noutanki in Kanpur ‘Noutanky Shahar Mein’ on a fellowship from SARAI (Center for Studies in Developing Societies), New Delhi.
(iii) Documentation of the processes followed in Formal Equivalent Centers (FEC) started in Hardoi, UP for CARE India.
(iv) Documentation of the Process of developing a Programme for residential school for girls from deprived groups for CARE-India.
(v) Print and Photo Documentation “Subah Ki Sabha”for CARE India.