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A documentary is a film about the real life, events or even a process. Though it’s very different from a fiction, many techniques applied are very much same. It uses real people and real material; however after it undergoes the post production phase, some pampering with the reality of the issue is expected. But it still makes instant connection, because one can see and hear the real life experiences. Sometimes, it can be for advocacy, sometimes for awareness and sometimes the purpose can be only to document a subject. If you are going to start something new and important or you have achieved some significant goal, documenting the whole process pays in terms of its effectiveness to your organization and the impact made on others. It will also inspire and encourage others working in similar field. A documentary uses the raw material from realities & shows the planning, hard work, difficult phases, mile stones and achievements with double the result.


Research of the subject is very important. The research work should cover each and every fact regarding the subject including names and dates. All the related raw materials like data, photos etc regarding the subject should be in place before commencing the project. Recce is also imperative and has its own importance. Other factors like visiting the location, meeting and interacting with the people before shooting adds value to the project. Since it’s a documentary, getting close to the real life of the concerned people is always beneficial in coming out with a perfect script. After going through all these necessary steps, a shooting script can finally be prepared. The film is then designed and planned out after a thorough research which is undertaken for a solution that’s complete in itself. The scriptwriters then pen down the idea in a systematic and structured manner that connects right through your audience conveying your message.


This stage requires a lot of detailing and demands efforts in terms of visually crafting the scenes that should match with the developed idea and the written script just accurately. The equipments used vary depending upon the requirements except for the quality, the key to an excellent film. Some of the commonly used equipments are - camera, tripod, audio recording setup, lights etc. The camera being the basic one is also one of the most important and inevitable instrument while shooting a film. The tripod assists the carrying and placing of the camera leading to enhanced shooting quality. Audio recording set up is assisted by quality microphones to record the dialogs and an external recorder for the microphone to hook up to. Other unavoidable equipment is the lighting equipment which differs from location to ocation and situation to situation.


Post-Production stage of a documentary plays a very important role in any kind of film-making as this phase decides the final outcome which varies significantly from what have been created in raw form during the Production stage. The film at this point of film-making is assembled and undergoes various processes like:
• Editing the Footage
• Recording and editing the soundtrack / music
• Adding Visual Special Effects
• Adding Graphics and Animation


Editing is the art of selecting, cutting and joining the scenes to make a film engaging and free flowing. It’s the minor tweaking here and there which brilliantly enhances the value of a film while reinforcing its intentions.

Recording and editing the soundtrack / music

Defined by various factors like acoustics, instruments, experts, etc., recording and editing the soundtrack is a technical job demanding full dedication. Making the process exciting and lively with their passion, our experts always come out with the matching sounds and engaging music encompassing all the communication needs.

Adding Visual Special Effects

Visual effects play a vital role in keeping the audience glued to a film. These special effects are added at the time of shooting as well as during editing. Our experienced personnel along with latest technology know the recipe for the perfect visual treat.

Adding Graphics and Animation

This stage includes adding animation to the logo, information graphics, product models, location maps, progress graphs, etc. thus presenting complex information quickly and clearly. Visualization or visual imagery communicates both abstract and concrete ideas efficiently. Adding graphics and animation not only helps in retaining the attention of audiences but also maximizes the impact.

Producing a master copy of the film

After passing through various expert hands a finally edited version is prepared with synchronised audio and video. A high quality colour master tape is drafted by editing the Original Colour Tape (OCT) through colour grading process. Colour grading is referred to altering and enhancing the colour of a motion picture digitally, electronically or photo-chemically. Other steps in preparing a master copy include audio levelling, video levelling and colour correction. Audio levelling intelligently raises the low levels and keeps the loud signals under control thus matching it to the perceived audibility of the listener. From this ready to print master copy, several high quality release prints can be made as per the requirement.


In the final stage of delivering, the film is converted into a format as demanded by the client and if required, the multiple copies of the film are prepared. Mediaken also fulfils the requirements like preparing the film in various language versions, thus meeting the multilingual demand of the client.


Budget depends on various things.


At how many locations, you are going to shoot will decide the budget. If film’s requirement is to shoot in two different cities, the cost will increase. Whereas, various locations in one place will lessen the cost and shooting in one location will cost much less.

Shooting days:

The budget can vary according to shooting days. More days will increase the cost of the shooting.

Duration of the film:

A thirty minute documentary will cost more than a twenty minutes film as the production cost will be different because you need more footage and other materials in the latter case. Also, in post production it will take more days before the final outcome is ready.


If you need narration, then the film will cost much more as narration artist and recording studio are added expenses.


Composing of the original track for the film will add further to the cost.

In the post production stage, there are many other attributes that decide the budget limit such as graphics, animation and required language versions.