A well-devised process often decides the success of any corporate film. No matter how short or long the film is going to be, no film gives you the liberty to get away with the need of adopting a structured process. This is why Mediaken confirms and assures a method thatís followed dutifully and as a team to gratify you completely with your film requirements. The process involves teams with varied expertise delivering their inputs as the film progresses and reviewing each stage for perfection. The following are the must-to-follow steps adopted by Mediaken:

This stage requires a lot of detailing and demands efforts in terms of visually crafting the scenes that match just accurately with the developed idea and the written script. The location and the set are decided accordingly after proper research then the characters are instructed to give their best shot with complete support from the Mediaken crew members. The instruments used vary depending upon the requirements except for the quality, the key to an excellent film. The most commonly used instruments/equipments are - camera, tripod, audio recording setup, lights, cranes, tracks, etc.


Post-Production stage plays a very important role in any kind of film-making as this phase decides the final outcome which varies significantly from what have been created in raw form during the Production stage. The film at this point of film-making is assembled which further undergoes various processes like:

Editing the Footage
Recording and editing the soundtrack / music
Adding Visual Special Effects
Adding Graphics and Animation
Producing a master copy of the film.


In the final stage of delivering, the film is converted into a format as demanded by the client and if required, the multiple copies of the film are prepared. Mediaken also fulfils the requirements like preparing the film in various other languages, thus meeting the multilingual demand of the company.