The Challenge
A popular Consumer Electronics Company had several products in market. They often came out with new products. The problem was that the functionality of all these products could not be explained and demonstrated at sales counter completely. The company did supply the manual in all local languages, but they did not work well with most of the people. Also the volumes at call centers were high on queries, which could have been otherwise answered using manual troubleshooting. The company decided to resolve this issue somehow.

The Solution
An interactive self-help demonstration film was made for all products and was included as part of product. The film had small videos stitched together explaining the manual in a much effective audiovisual way. It was very easy for any consumer to watch a 10 min video and get a complete information regarding using the product. Also, it had an easy troubleshoot section for all commonly faced issues. It took out complexity out of the products and the sales increased. Even the call centre was now getting considerably less queries.