The Challenge
A popular Water Purifier Company sold its products by end-customer interaction. All these sales representatives had uneven sales graph in their initial years, but more experienced sales representatives had stable grounds. With their sales teams spreading all over the country, they had hard time training their sales staff. They needed some solution that would train the sales personnel with detailed product information and related sales tips & tricks, across the nation.

The Solution
Bi-monthly infotainment video-magazine/films were made. These films emphasized on basic sales principals and relied more on human interest. Each film had a detailed success story of a sales representative who had reached highest sales figure in the previous month. With interviews and reconstructions the film was made interesting. The film also covered how the company felicitated them both with promotions and financial benefits on reaching these levels. Thus over a period of time, two things happened. All sales people had:
- a cult figure to follow, thereby getting motivated by progress made by this position.
- an understanding of how to reach that position .
This induced a dual effect, improved sales skills and more diligent staff. Thereby bringing better and balanced sales numbers.