The Challenge
A big IT Company has hundreds of employees joining every quarter. This is the case study of a particular quarter, where a number of people in HR department were assigned the work of conducting induction program, a lot of info/speeches had to be repeatedly given to new employees. Also, many new people couldn’t join the groups for various reasons, and hence missed the induction program. This resulted in a lot of repetitions. Most of the times people while conducting the program missed useful info, simply because of doing it over and over again.

The Solution
A series of customized films were made under induction program of the company. Some started by an address of CEO to new employees and introduction of facilities available in the campus. Different versions of films were made; thereby introducing new joiners of different business unit to their staff and generic know-how of their unit. This greatly decreased ‘new person’ fear and they took lesser time to get ready for work. Also, the films showed with examples the policies of organization, along with testimonies of other staff, with what they like most in organization.