The Challenge
A leading Food & Beverages Company launched many new products in the market. On facing fierce competition from the rival brands, the company decided to add more end-retailers and distributors. The company wanted to spread a positive image of their brands in distributors and end-retailers segment.
Providing more margin to end-retailer was not the best solution. That would adversely affect the company’s profit margins without guarantying positive results.

The Solution
A free CD of the film was shipped along with the goods. It was an entertainment cum educational film. It was a challenge to educate the target audience of the film because of cultural and geographical diversity. The film showed ways of living a good and healthy life as well as tips to increase business at grass-root level, procedure of getting loans, and other such useful information was explained in a simple way. The whole film worked on basic principles of positive brand building, which were portrayed through simple stories and catchy jingles.