The Challenge
A Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company was facing usual problems of high attrition in their inbound call center. The overheads spent on training a single person were very high. Because of resource crunch, the company could not keep a bond of serving for minimum six months as a condition. The company needed a solution that would inspire employees to stay longer, without reducing their workload.

The Solution
This challenge required changes in the policies of company, which were communicated through a series of short story films shown along with other entertaining films. The hidden message in these stories discussed, how the people who stayed longer in any organization reap the real benefits at later stages. They also emphasized on the fact that finding solutions of a problem is the correct way, than running away from it. The film also showed how this BPO company cares for its employees.
Several of these short films were inspired from people of the same organization and featured them. These were the people who had been working from long, had more secure professional lives and were excelling in their career. Slowly the feeling started to spread and make an impact on employees minds and attrition came down.